Dangerous Collaboration Practices in a Challenging Economy

5 Roles IT Must Perform to Minimize Risk

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5 Roles IT Must Perform to Minimize Risk

IT must provide a means for companies to establish and enforce effective control over their documents when they share them with others beyond the organization.

The changing economy presents daunting challenges in information security. Companies are pressed to collaborate with more and more outside partners, and many business processes involve sharing of confidential information. The demands for productivity and speed drive executives and project team members to share information outside the firewall, even in the absence of a safe collaboration platform - putting companies at risk of security breaches or data leakage.
Several vendors offer online work spaces to meet the demand for safe, efficient document sharing. IT should define security policies and requirements for these collaborative spaces, ensure that they support existing security policies, and manage their implementation and integration with existing systems and applications. As fleeting opportunities arise suddenly, IT leaders can create competitive advantage for their companies by managing the process of setting up and taking down highly secure online work space for document sharing.

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