Identity and Access Management

Growing and Protecting the Business

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Growing and Protecting the Business

A number of technology trends, including cloud, mobility, social media and the consumerization of IT, have transformed not only IT, but also the way employees, partners and customers interact with an organization.

And as software as a service (SaaS) and cloud applications have grown in popularity, IT environments have become more distributed, fragmented and nebulous – with many components existing outside of the traditional security perimeter of firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs).
As a result, protecting today’s cloud-based, mobile enterprise requires a new approach – one that focuses on secure identity and access management (IAM), while at the same time driving two critical imperatives:

Enable business growth by:
• Quickly deploying new online services
• Leveraging new advances in cloud computing and virtualization
• Accommodating the needs of demanding, tech-savvy users
(i.e., customers, partners, employees, etc.)
• Driving greater employee productivity and increasing business intelligence

Protect the business by:
• Mitigating the risk of fraud, breaches, insider threats and improper access – from both internal and external sources
• Safeguarding critical systems, applications and data

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