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Build Security Boundary to Enhance Industrial Cybersecurity

The rise of interconnected OT and IT systems is often attributed to how business models have evolved with the purpose of enhancing operational efficiency. For example, SCADA networks deployed along oil pipelines now collect oil output data that is essential to billing and pricing systems. This increase in data collection allows companies to predict with higher levels of accuracy not only levels of oil production and output, but also expected revenue. However, it should be noted that these interconnected systems do not only bring benefits. A downside of these systems is that the likelihood of introducing cybersecurity threats to OT systems increases significantly. It is for this reason that newspaper headlines and articles often describe how the compromising of IT systems can have a hugely negative impact on OT systems.

With more and more similar cybersecurity incidents occurring in OT systems, business owners and regulators are keen to seek solutions that enhance industrial cybersecurity and allow businesses to keep functioning normally.

Follow this link to our recently released article, in which we will introduce the defense-in-depth concept that allows businesses to leverage their existing network infrastructure and investment to build the first line of their network defense. Learn more about the benefits and advantages of how industrial intrusion prevention systems can further protect OT systems.