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The Big Data Security Analytics Era Is Here

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The Big Data Security Analytics Era Is Here

CISOs are certainly intent on evolving the maturity of their security management, but many organizations are facing unanticipated problems that are impeding their progress.

CISOs face an insidious threat landscape and an avalanche of new technology initiatives that make security management increasingly difficult. Furthermore, enterprise organizations are finding it difficult to recruit and train new security professionals – leaving them understaffed and over-burdened. Taken together, new security risks and old security challenges often overwhelm legacy security and analytic tools.

Large organizations can no longer rely on preventive security systems, point security tools, manual processes, and hardened configurations to protect them from targeted attacks and advanced malware. Henceforth, security management must be based upon continuous monitoring and data analysis for up-to-the-minute situational awareness and rapid data-driven security decisions. This means that large organizations have entered the era of big data security analytics.

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Publiziert: 01.12.13 | RSA Security / RSA, The Security Division of EMC²

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