Security for Small and Medium Businesses

The Threat Landscape and the Plan of Action

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A comprehensive solution plan offering the best-of-breed protection in every aspect of security is the need of the hour.

The security needs, issues and priorities of SMBs are different in many ways from that of large Business Houses. While big enterprises have a well defined security mechanism in place with dedicated personnel to look after it, in most SMBs the scenario is lesser organized, shortstaffed and under equipped. They have a small number of IT staff who manages to give only a portion of their time towards the security aspect.

Another major concern is the lack of user awareness owing to a significant presence of under experienced, part-time employees. A recent study by MicroWorld Technologies showed that security awareness is 45 % lesser among staffs of smaller businesses in comparison with large enterprises.

One knows small businesses work on stringent standards of Service and Product Delivery models adhering to tight deadlines, as client demands are always on the higher side. Business Continuity is a vital factor for Mid-size organizations in retaining the clientele and fostering relationships.

Security breaches and Virus infections in the internal network of organizations can be quite detrimental for Business Continuity as they can bring down the entire network of an organization in a matter of few hours.

Let’s examine these threats in detail.

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