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Top Three Misconceptions that Jeopardize Corporate Security

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Top Three Misconceptions that Jeopardize Corporate Security

As the business climate fluctuates, corporate activities increase in complexity, and the risk of intentional or unintentional breach of confidential information grows.

Critical corporate processes involve highly confidential, important documents that need to be safely accessed by a network of external partners, regulatory agencies, vendors and investors. Poor security measures based on a “traditional” view of data security have lead to highprofile, significant security breaches. The changing business climate demands more than simply improving the existing IT-based security structures: What’s needed is a shift in the way business users think about security.
Putting confidential information outside the firewall is actually safer and more expedient for all parties involved. Fortunately, there are solutions today that understand this new paradigm and are providing new ways to conduct important business securely without being impeded by IT complexity.

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